Women and Working at Home – A Perfect Fit

I just came across these facts* about the economic status of women in America:

  • More women than men have received a graduate education and women’s gains in educational attainment have significantly outpaced those of men.
  • Yet the pay gap between men and women persists, with women earning about 75% of their equally educated male counterparts.
  • Female-headed familes have the lowest family earnings of all family types.
  • Women are more likely than men to be in poverty.

The right work at home arrangement can be a terrific way to address these realities for women!  As an entrepreneur with her own home-based business, a woman can be equally rewarded for her professional aptitude. At the same time, she can experience greater flexibility to achieve the balance that we women are often looking to create in our lives!!

*From:Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being. U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration; Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget; White House Council on Women and Girls. March 2011.

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  • Suzanne Holt
    Posted May 6, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Amen to that! I love the flexibility of working from home and being my own boss. Perseverance is key!


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