Is Every Work at Home Mom a Loner?

There is definitely a different flavor of social interaction when one works at home. You may be on the phone the same amount of time as in a corporate office and you may have as many client appointments as an in-house employee, BUT there is no casual adult conversation on your way to get a drink or use the bathroom, no one to share a rolling of the eyes when a client does something challenging. So does that mean you shouldn’t consider being a work at home mom unless you’re a loner?

If the social element of employment is a big factor for you, it is something to weigh carefully, but there are definitely ways to stave off loneliness in your work at home, working alone venture. Here are three of my favorites:

– have scheduled contact with a business mentor or coach. Yes, it is business-focused, but hopefully very fun and inspiring as well. My business model has this element built right in with what is called “upline” support and it’s great.

– meet regularly with a team of fellow business owners to encourage one another, and brainstorm ideas for success (this can be reminiscent of team office meetings as long as you’re not in competitive businesses!). I so appreciate being able to do this.

– plan regular outings, both business-related and non-business, during regular business hours. Hey, it’s one of the perks of managing your own schedule!

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