I Have Too Much to Do!

Any work at home mom….any mom, really, has this thought at some time or another. I had it recently.  And it seemed to loom larger and larger the more I thought about it.

My typical response to this situation is to hunker down and barrel through. I can be very self-disciplined and persistent. I get “too much” done, but at what cost? I was ill-tempered. I didn’t feel the best when it was all said and done.

And you know what? At the end of the day, there was STILL a mile-long list of stuff that could be done!

This last realization made me mad at first, but after a few seconds, I appreciated the irony and the great humor it was offering me as long as I’m willing to laugh at myself.  In one sense, there will ALWAYS be too much for any work at home mom to do. That’s one of the beauties of our role as mothers…we are always wanted, always needed, can always be helpful. Motherhood is perpetual.

And, like any job, working at home can also come with a seemingly endless stream of projects and tasks. SO, it seems to me I am back to prioritization and keeping first things first. Because I’m a pragmatic kind of gal, I like to remind myself of the Covey-Franklin planner method of listing and categorizing the daily things to do: “A” for first priorities, “B” for second-tier items and “C” for stuff that can actually wait until another day.

Then numbering the A’s, with 1. being the first one to do, 2. the second one, etc. And doing the same with the B’s and C’s.

Doing this scheme at the outset means I only have to think one time about what to do next. And it means if I get through my A’s, I have been very successful! Of course, it takes practice and discipline not to mark everything as A’s ;-).

Once again, I’m acknowledging that I have too much to do, and probably always will have too much to do. But if I let it affect my mood and color my day, I am a silly goose! It’s up to me to utilize my self-discipline and persistence to wrestle my to-do list to the ground and realistically prioritize what of the endless possibilities are for today.

Hold on – that sounds rather adversarial. Wrestle my to-do list to the ground? Call on discipline to get through each day? Hmmm…I want to think further on this approach. Do I want to face each day as a foe to be conquered? Do you?  Stay tuned!

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  • Suzanne Holt
    Posted June 28, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Nice concept. I should give it a try. I am a work at home mom as well and I wake up daily to a racing mind of all the things that need to be done. Of course the list is endless and I try to prioritize in my mind where to start, what’s next and mentally time manage my day. Perhaps I’d wake up in a lot better and focused mood if I implemented a system like yours. Thanks for the suggestion!


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