How To Research Your Work at Home Options

Have you explored a number of work at home options? Particularly those offered via the internet? I’ve read many, many of these “pitches”. There is, naturally, a lot of encouragement from each one to jump on the bandwagon!

In my own work at home venture, I also offer the opportunity to join my team and be mentored in the development of your own home-based business. And I’ve probably sounded, at time, like a bandwagon master myself! But, something I’ve come to realize is that if you do jump on a bandwagon, there is always another parade…and it may be a glitzier, bigger parade. What if you’re on the wrong wagon?!?!

All this is to say, there are some basic fundamentals that should go into making a work at home decision, and we would probably all be well served to pay attention to them. If you think about it, you’re making a decision that will impact your entire life in many ways, and (hopefully) for a long time. In making a decision of that caliber, you owe it to yourself to do your “due diligence” in researching your work at home options.

So, what do you research? Well, I’m talking primarily here about opportunities to represent companies or use online systems through your own home-based business that is affiliated with an established “parent company”. Here are some things to consider:

  • Market potential – looking to the future, how well-positioned is the parent company in terms of what it offers?
  • Time commitment – is the amount of time you’re asked to invest commiserate with the return you will receive (heed that old adage, if it sounds too good to be true….it probably is!)?
  • Product Quality – is there independent, trustworthy proof that the product(s) and/or service being offered are as good as they are claimed to be?
  • Success rate of other workers at home affiliated with this company – are there actual people who have achieved what you’re being told it’s possible to achieve?
  • Monetary Investment – are you asked to invest an appropriate amount of money to begin your home-based business? And what does that investment get you? (Either too much or too little initial investment engenders suspicion.)
  • Parent company history – how long has the company been in business and how secure is it financially?
  • Income Potential – how do the numbers compare with other options in terms of your income potential, both in the short term and in the long term?
  • Parent company philosophy – is the company committed to values that resonate with your own values?

How do you get answers to these questions? The online presence of the parent company may (and should!) address many of them. And beyond that, there should be a person to ask, either from the parent company or a fellow home-based business owner affiliated with the same company.

So, what if these sources give the same “pitch” that you’re trying to discern? Well, then it becomes incumbent upon you to sort hype from fact. It may be a simple matter of your impression of your info source. If you make a grounded, thorough assessment, I bet you’ll be able to know what is a good fit for you.

In the long run, you’ll be very happy you took the time to consider things like these before “jumping”. By all means, join the work at home parade. Just take your time in selecting the right wagon!

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