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Work At Home Mom Dreams

Have you ever read the book Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly? This little book is a remarkable story about a janitorial company that invested in its employees’ dreams in order to decrease turnover. And it worked marvelously! This book exemplifies the legitimacy of honoring dreams. Though it is not geared toward  working at home, I […]

Work at Home Fun!

Why is it so hard to “make” myself do the fun stuff in my home based business? Why do I think I have to be “working”, doing things I don’t enjoy, to think it’s legitimate? There is a lot of fun stuff in my work at home venture! I mean A LOT. And I want […]

Work at Home Mom on Prime Time

There have been two recent prime time features on home-based business options ideal for the work at home mom. A recent “Today’s Money” segment on the  Today Show featured direct selling as a viable work at home choice. And a recent special supplement to The Wall Street Journal by the Direct Selling Association tells the […]

Is Every Work at Home Mom a Loner?

There is definitely a different flavor of social interaction when one works at home. You may be on the phone the same amount of time as in a corporate office and you may have as many client appointments as an in-house employee, BUT there is no casual adult conversation on your way to get a […]

I Have Too Much to Do!

Any work at home mom….any mom, really, has this thought at some time or another. I had it recently.  And it seemed to loom larger and larger the more I thought about it. My typical response to this situation is to hunker down and barrel through. I can be very self-disciplined and persistent. I get […]

How To Research Your Work at Home Options

Have you explored a number of work at home options? Particularly those offered via the internet? I’ve read many, many of these “pitches”. There is, naturally, a lot of encouragement from each one to jump on the bandwagon! In my own work at home venture, I also offer the opportunity to join my team and […]

Women and Working at Home – A Perfect Fit

I just came across these facts* about the economic status of women in America: More women than men have received a graduate education and women’s gains in educational attainment have significantly outpaced those of men. Yet the pay gap between men and women persists, with women earning about 75% of their equally educated male counterparts. […]

Mom Mode When Working at Home

Come the weekend, or when heading home for the day, I’ve heard corporate women talk about switching to “mom mode”. One of the things about working at home is that that switch has to happen frequently, quickly and effectively. And sometimes it’s hard. I can be in the middle of a detailed e-mail to a […]

Work at Home Mom Overload

A couple of weeks ago, I had one of those weeks that was just too full. I was way behind on my home-based business tasks, there were lots of “extras” in the children’s lives needing time and attention, the taxes and financial aid forms were waiting…well, you get the picture. I felt like I was […]

At Home With My Family

Just being at home. That’s the glory of being a work at home mom. I was visiting with other moms at home yesterday and we were sharing with one another examples of precious times with our children…times that we would have missed had we not been at home. For instance, even though I may be […]