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Work at Home Fun!

Why is it so hard to “make” myself do the fun stuff in my home based business? Why do I think I have to be “working”, doing things I don’t enjoy, to think it’s legitimate? There is a lot of fun stuff in my work at home venture! I mean A LOT. And I want […]

Work at Home Mom on Prime Time

There have been two recent prime time features on home-based business options ideal for the work at home mom. A recent “Today’s Money” segment on the  Today Show featured direct selling as a viable work at home choice. And a recent special supplement to The Wall Street Journal by the Direct Selling Association tells the […]

How To Research Your Work at Home Options

Have you explored a number of work at home options? Particularly those offered via the internet? I’ve read many, many of these “pitches”. There is, naturally, a lot of encouragement from each one to jump on the bandwagon! In my own work at home venture, I also offer the opportunity to join my team and […]

Women and Working at Home – A Perfect Fit

I just came across these facts* about the economic status of women in America: More women than men have received a graduate education and women’s gains in educational attainment have significantly outpaced those of men. Yet the pay gap between men and women persists, with women earning about 75% of their equally educated male counterparts. […]

Fallacious Fraud Alert

So, the United States Postal Service sent me and likely everyone else a brochure in the mail (addressed to “Resident”), which asked “Do You Know the Warning Signs of Fraud?”. The brochure proceeded to tell me how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Stuff like: “Buyers want to overpay you for an item and […]

Get Work at Home Support

I recently returned from a fantastic Conference sponsored by other home-based business owners who have businesses like mine under the same parent company umbrella. It was so helpful, so encouraging, so inspiring…and so fun! It reminds me of the definite need for the work at home mom to have support in her income producing ventures. […]

Entrepreneurism Shines

This is a great time for the entrepreneurial work-at-home mom (it’s a mouthful, but describes us moms with a home-based business pretty well). So, why is this a great time for women with nonmom skills who want to use them from home? Because the entire entrepreneurial landscape is hot. This is the time of year […]

Thankful to be a Work at Home Mom

A friend of mine, working in retail, is at the store today. And she’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I realize this may not be the case for all work at home moms, but one thing I really, really appreciate about being a WAHM is that I don’t have to work this Thanksgiving weekend! […]

A Work at Home Mom Franchise

I received a solicitation recently for a franchise offering. As a work at home mom, I’d apparently been targeted as someone who might be interested in purchasing a franchise business arrangement. There certainly are benefits to a franchise, such as business brand recognition by potential customers, pre-developed systems and training, and corporate support and assistance. […]

Surround Yourself With Encouraging People

Being a work at home mom has lots of advantages and plenty of benefits. But it can be rough, you know? You can become discouraged. You might feel lonely. You may question the decision you’ve made to make a change. Perhaps you’re having a day where you just want someone else to tell you what […]