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Mom Mode When Working at Home

Come the weekend, or when heading home for the day, I’ve heard corporate women talk about switching to “mom mode”. One of the things about working at home is that that switch has to happen frequently, quickly and effectively. And sometimes it’s hard. I can be in the middle of a detailed e-mail to a […]

At Home With My Family

Just being at home. That’s the glory of being a work at home mom. I was visiting with other moms at home yesterday and we were sharing with one another examples of precious times with our children…times that we would have missed had we not been at home. For instance, even though I may be […]

The Work at Home Mom IS Something!

“That’s too bad. I really thought she would be something.” This comment was spoken about a friend, “Jane”, by the mother of one of her high school friends who had just learned that Jane is a homeschooling mom whose nonmom work is also done largely from home. Jane and I shared a laugh recently about […]

Income Even When the Work at Home Mom Just Can’t

Moms are busy people. We all know that. Add “work” (of any sort) to motherhood and the busy-ness steps up a notch (or two or three). For the work at home mom, the flexibility inherent in this work arrangement can also mean that the demands of motherhood easily take precedence, and it’s hard to get […]

A Mother’s Heart

While most of my posts focus on the logistics of working at home, there is nothing to write about today other than a mother’s heart. You see, my oldest son is home for a week of spring break. He’s a college freshman who choose a wonderful institution of higher learning that is 1/2 way across […]

When Holiday Talents Don’t Shine

Another holiday-related post here. At this time of year especially, lots of my friends are baking delicious sounding goodies, decorating with charm, packaging and delivering creative gifts, and/or surprising their children with special events. Just listening to these amazing pursuits wears me out. And they are amazing…to me that is. Remember, I don’t cook, sew […]

It’s All in How You Look At It

There are various times of year when the work at home mom might feel overloaded. Holidays can be one of those times. There are extra things going on, extra responsibilities, extra motherhood stuff (like shopping), extra business tasks (year-end items), etc. Those are great times of year to focus in on who you are. I […]

Is Working at Home Stimulating Enough?

I’ll bet there are a lot of moms in the corporate world who like the challenge of their professional setting. And the interaction with other stimulating people. But I bet some of those moms wish they could work at home. For many, many reasons. And yet…there are probably many questions running through the minds of […]

Tell Me Why

Who might want to consider being a work at home mom? – moms who get jobs at their children’s schools in order to be on the kids’ schedule, but don’t find the work especially fulfilling – moms with a professional degree who want a career AND a premium family life – moms who want to […]

What to Call What We Do

Sometimes I wonder whether “work at home mom” is a misnomer for who I am and what I do regarding income production. The conversation about the fact that all moms work whether producing income or not is fodder for a separate post. I’m talking about the activity I do at home that generates income. Work […]