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Work At Home Mom Dreams

Have you ever read the book Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly? This little book is a remarkable story about a janitorial company that invested in its employees’ dreams in order to decrease turnover. And it worked marvelously! This book exemplifies the legitimacy of honoring dreams. Though it is not geared toward  working at home, I […]

Inspiring Yourself

These thoughts from a business mentor of mine named Gary Burke are so valuable for all of us work at home moms. I intended to write something original along these same lines, but I just can’t find any better way to say it, and so I gratefully share with you Gary’s thoughts: I’m sure you […]

Get Work at Home Support

I recently returned from a fantastic Conference sponsored by other home-based business owners who have businesses like mine under the same parent company umbrella. It was so helpful, so encouraging, so inspiring…and so fun! It reminds me of the definite need for the work at home mom to have support in her income producing ventures. […]

Thankful to be a Work at Home Mom

A friend of mine, working in retail, is at the store today. And she’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I realize this may not be the case for all work at home moms, but one thing I really, really appreciate about being a WAHM is that I don’t have to work this Thanksgiving weekend! […]

Leadership Resource

Do you consider yourself a leader? I posit that any work at home mom is a leader. She leads her family, her own work experience, and possibly an entire home-based business. And so, we WAHMs join the ranks of leaders looking for encouragement, ideas for improvement, and training. The Leadership and Influence Summit is an […]

The Importance of “No” for the Work at Home Mom

In order to be successful, there is one word the work at home mom should become comfortable with. That word is “no”. There are always tons of things vying for our time and attention. And, because we are “at home”, others sometime think we have more of that precious commodity of time, and so are […]

Turning Problems Into Solutions

A fellow worker at home introduced me to the Pink Bat Movie, a short, free, entertaining online introduction to a book all about turning problems into solutions. Perfect for the work at home mom. We’ve got some problems, don’t we?….I mean solutions!! And also ideal for the woman with nonmom skills who wants to be […]

Surround Yourself With Encouraging People

Being a work at home mom has lots of advantages and plenty of benefits. But it can be rough, you know? You can become discouraged. You might feel lonely. You may question the decision you’ve made to make a change. Perhaps you’re having a day where you just want someone else to tell you what […]

Making Discontent Work For You

Are you discontented? If so, make that discontent into a positive thing! Allow it to spur you into new thinking, into new action. Like making the leap to become a work at home mom, to start your own home-based business, to dream for and work toward something different than your current situation. Or, if you […]

The Work at Home Mom IS Something!

“That’s too bad. I really thought she would be something.” This comment was spoken about a friend, “Jane”, by the mother of one of her high school friends who had just learned that Jane is a homeschooling mom whose nonmom work is also done largely from home. Jane and I shared a laugh recently about […]