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Looking Back, Looking Forward

I had occasion this week to be at a conference with many of my contemporaries from my pre-work at home professional life. It felt good to appreciate their successes and it felt super to be secure in my own very different, but successful, career path. I did a little looking back, but mostly I am […]


Do you ever flirt with being an employee? You fellow work at home moms, do you ever think about how nice it would be to just punch the time clock, have someone else to “report” to who can make the hard decisions, have your responsibilities clearly defined in an employee handbook somewhere? Once in a […]

How Will Your Work at Home be Perceived by Others?

There was a period of time in my work at home mom tenure when I was very self-conscious about what other people thought of my career choice. Especially other professional people. It wasn’t so much the being at home…I mean, who could disdain a mother’s desire to be with her children? It was more the […]

Can I Have a Legitimate Work at Home Mom Business Without Investing Large Sums?

If you’re a mom who wants to work at home (whether you’re leaving corporate America or simply don’t want to go there), you probably have all kind of questions as you consider this for yourself. It is my intention and hope to help answer some of these questions for you on this blog. There are […]

Tennies or Heels

When I was a young legal intern in Chicago, I was very conscious of looking the part. In retrospect, it’s painfully obvious that I didn’t really look the part (fashion has never been a real strong suit), but I certainly thought I was trying. The dresses, the suits, the jackets, the shoes. So I was […]