I am so blessed to be a mother. What could be grander? Motherhood is at the top of my priority list. It is a role I cherish. I’ve made decisions and yes, even sacrifices, to keep this role in a primary spot of my life.

I am the one caring for my children. I get to see every first step, hear every first word, rock every naptime into existence. I’m here when the teens retreat to their rooms, when they want to talk, and when they sound like they’re bringing the house down wrestling. And I would not trade any of that for the world.

And yet there is a nonmom side to me, a fairly strong nonmom side.

I have a law degree. I like to work with numbers. I process information quickly, am comfortable speaking on fairly complex topics in public, and have strong organizational skills.

There are a number of admirable sources dedicated to the art of channeling such “professional” interests and skills into the smooth efficient running of the household. Every mother holds a managerial position… she is a family manager and often the CEO of the family enterprise. I appreciate that perspective and try to follow the best advice I find in that vein.

It’s not that applying my skills and interests to the role of family manager is unfulfilling. The well-being of my family, on a variety of levels, and my contributions to that well being, are very fulfilling.

But somehow my entrepreneurial spirit isn’t satisfied. The nonmom part of me wants a shot at the business world.

On top of that, I don’t have many typical mom skills: I don’t like to cook. I can’t sew. I stink at crafts. Baking is a chore, not a treat. You get the picture. So while I relish the role of family manager, there are lots of areas where I’m at sub-optimum performance levels.

I have found the resolution to this dilemma as a work at home mom. I like to work! And it is going to be at home!

Being a work at home mother brings unique opportunities, challenges and insights. This site is to address those realities of choosing this path. Whether you’ve committed to being a work at home mother, or are assessing the possibility of this option for yourself, I hope you find something here of use for you.

Your skills and interests are undoubtedly different than mine. But as work at home mothers who put motherhood first, we share a common bond. And this is the place to explore that.