A Steady Paycheck for the Work At Home Mom

Something I often hear from working women who would like to be at home, but don’t see how it’s possible, is that they need to have a “steady paycheck”.  And that can certainly be one of the hardest things to give up when making the leap from an employee to being self-employed.

So here are some thoughts on how to deal with this issue:

a ) Choose a work at home model that involves outsourced work that is regular. Maybe something like web-based administrative duties for a large company. This can offer steady remuneration as long as the company need is there.

b)  The desire for steady income is one of the strong selling points, actually, for a network marketing undertaking as a home-based business, AS LONG AS

  1. the company with which you are working has a rock-solid financial footing, coupled with a history of performance;
  2. it offers consumable products in expanding markets; and
  3. it has a compensation plan with a strong residual income component.

Be sure to research any network marketing company and its history to ensure all these components are firmly in place. If you don’t understand what all of these attributes mean, so some research before making a decision.

c) Plan ahead financially to “pay” yourself for a period of time, so that you are not going suddenly from a salary of “x” number of dollars to no income at all.  This may mean cutting back on expenses before you make the transition to working at home, so that some cash reserves can be established.

d) Recognize that not even corporate workers can rely on a steady paycheck anymore! Unfortunately, this is more true than ever. Of course, acknowledging this doesn’t get you a steady paycheck, but it can help you put this issue into perspective as you assess the work at home option.

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